Fast Facts

  • Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, for more than 125 years, EQT is one of the largest natural gas exploration and production companies in Appalachia, with operations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia, Texas and Ohio. EQT has more than 1,900 employees and several thousand contractors working throughout our operating areas. Our business activities include locating productive natural gas deposits; drilling wells to extract gas; and transporting gas through pipelines to transmission

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  • Horizontal drilling, multilateral wells, and extended lateral wells reduce surface disturbance by drilling fewer wells while recovering more gas. EQT utilizes “triple casing” to protect freshwater aquifers during drilling operations. This includes layers of casing with a concrete barrier between each level of steel pipe. EQT conducts pre-drill water sampling for all domestic water sources located near drilling locations.

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  • EQT Midstream is capitalizing on the rapidly increasing need for pipeline infrastructure in the Appalachian Basin, primarily through its affiliated company EQT Midstream Partners, LP. EQT Midstream owns a gathering system composed of 8,250 miles of gathering lines; 900 miles of FERC-regulated interstate pipelines; and 18 natural gas storage reservoirs providing 47 Bcf of working gas capacity.

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Media Contacts

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Natalie Cox
Corporate Director,
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Linda Robertson
Media Relations
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Investor Relations

Patrick J. Kane, CFA
Chief Investor Relations Officer
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Nate Tetlow, CFA
Investor Relations Director
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Corporate Communications

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Deborah Collier
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